About Elsie Inglis & SWH

Dr Elsie Inglis – Unsung Hero

Hello, my name is Dr Alan Alexander from Scotland, UK. I first heard about our local hero, Dr Elsie Inglis, as a young child at an Edinburgh primary school 50+ years ago. I never dreamt that I would one day, so many years later, be campaigning for official recognition for her and the other women who served with the Scottish Women’s Hospitals that she founded in World War One. Remembered and revered in Serbia they and the humanitarian work that they did are however virtually unknown in the United Kingdom.

My interest in the Elsie Inglis story was re-awakened in July 2013 on hearing, from a deeply upset neighbour, of the neglected state of her memorial in Dean Cemetery, Edinburgh. Thanks to the subsequent “Edinburgh Evening News” newspaper coverage and the generosity of Scotmid Co-op this was sorted out.

This blog, that I started to store Scottish Women’s Hospitals information and useful links in one place, which has grown like Topsy, is dedicated both to Elsie and to all of the other unsung heroes who were part of that remarkable WW1 generation.

By the way, I have not provided any personal biography because this is not intended to be about me.

Finally, the blog has proved to be way more popular than I ever anticipated when I started it. I thank everyone for their time and attention. @trapprain

Footnote: Do let me know of any broken links and I will endeavour to fix them.


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